Thursday, August 10, 2006


7.45 pm, 10/8/2006....I'm still in the lab actually. Still running the samples and after this have to wait about one hour and the half for flushing the machine. These was the routine everytime doing the HPLC. So tired! Balik je terus terbongkang! Sometimes i have to spend about half day in the lab, it's ok when you get the result. But something can happen if you are not so lucky on that day! Can you imagine you have spent about 12 hour in the lab but at the end of the day, you didn't get what you have expected. so frustrated! :-( Memang menguji kesabaran...But how to say ya? Third semester, make me the 'buzyiest' person in the world i think. Sometimes i could not ever meet my housemate even we stay under one roof! Terrible... One more thing, today i just make my best friend frustrated. She plan to make a suprise party for her "birthday boy" and ask me to join her...but really i can't...what can i do. Sorry...really..really sorry... Even nak luang masa untuk diri sendiri pun tak tau bila...tak pikir ape dah pun except my LAB WORK! sampaikan hp pun tertinggal kat umah arini...bangun lambat punya pasal...

~Pesanan penaja dari seorang kawan~
(bila baca buat saya bersemangat kembali)
Mengejar impian itu memang memenatkan,
Kadangkala mengundang putus asa,
Yang penat itulah bakal memberikan pulangan berharga.

p/s: to Saifol, Happy 23rd Birthday. May Allah bless you and Happy Always. Semoga cepat la korang berdua kawen! hehe..

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